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Washington Sheriff’s Department


The Washington Sheriff’s Department are a number of different law enforcement bodies throughout the state that help serve and protect the smaller jurisdictions.

Pierce County Sheriff

The Pierce County Sheriff’s Office and the Sheriff himself are dedicated to preserving the beauty of the land, and the rights of the citizens. This is done through the enforcement of rules and regulations regarding property and citizen rights. The Sheriff is the individual who hands down the orders and watches over each bureau to ensure they are following orders.

King County Sheriff

The King County Sheriff is a female law veteran who has been working in the King County Sheriff’s Office for a number of years. She is the individual who presides over all matters that come through the Sheriff’s office. Furthermore, she is the individual who has to authorize and serve legal documentation to citizens regarding evictions, subpoenas, and various other issues.

Snohomish County Sheriff

The Snohomish county sheriff and the sheriff’s department work together in order to provide services and protection for the community. One of the top endeavors of the sheriff’s was to prove information regarding all of the daily processes and updates regarding criminal standing and sex offenders to the public, in order to keep them informed on criminal movement and potential dangers.

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