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Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office

Snohomish County Sheriff

The Snohomish County Sheriff and his staff are devoted law enforcement officials who are looking to preserve the beauty of their region, and help protect the community from crime. The Snohomish County Sheriff is the head official of the law enforcement agency; he works closely with the undersheriff to create protocols and implement policies in order to have the Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office (SCSO) do effective quick and effective work.

Like many other sheriffs’ departments, the SCSO is a full functioning department that works on small and large criminal cases; anywhere from the most basic traffic violation to murder. There are a number of individuals who work in the patrol units to police the various regions and help detain common criminals. And there is an investigative team that works to collect information from crime scenes in order to find the perpetrators who have evaded the police.

Besides being an organization devoted to law enforcement and criminal justice, the SCSO has also implemented assistance based programs in order to help various groups throughout the community. For example, there is a life-saver program, in which geriatric Alzheimer’s patients are given a special medical bracelet that emits a specialized sound.

If one of these individuals should go out wandering through the streets at night, the Snohomish County Sheriff and department would be notified. Under the command of the Snohomish County Sheriff, a specialized task force would go out and retrieve the individual.

This was just one example of the many important programs that have been implemented for public safety. Overall, the Snohomish County Sheriff and Staff are dedicated to protecting everyone within the county.

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