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Pierce County Sheriff’s Office

Pierce County Sheriff

The Sheriff of Pierce County in Washington is Paul Pastor. Currently he is the head of the Pierce County Sheriff’s Office; under this office there are general positions found through the nation like deputies, patrol officials, crime scene squads; but then there are specialized teams that primarily center on the agricultural needs of the state like mountain and foothills detachment groups.

Through the PCSO, the Pierce County Sheriff helps to make informed decisions regarding legal procedures and policies that fall under his jurisdiction. He also helps to provide supportive services for the officers and task forces that were under his instruction.

Through the PCSO, the public can learn about the individuals who have been booked for various crimes throughout the county, and those who are considered wanted, because they have evaded the law and felony charges. By providing personal information and pictures of these individuals, the PCSO helps to give the public references when it comes to identifying and turning in these individuals.

Through the website of the Pierce County Sheriff, individuals can find specific divisions or departments that they require information or services from. This is another type of public service provided by the PCSO.

The PSCO also works in conjunction with the Pierce County Courts in order to properly file and process individuals who have criminal charges put against them. This is to ensure that information from both bodies are the same, and to help provide safety for the rest of the county.

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