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Utah County Sheriff's Department

Utah County Sheriff

The Utah County Sheriff and the Utah County Sheriff’s Office are dedicated to serving the public through organized implementation of the law in order to protect rights, property, and the citizens of Utah County.

The Utah County sheriff works with in the criminal and civil realms in order to provide help and safety to the citizens. Through the law enforcement department criminals at all levels are given due justice. At the lowest level of criminal activity, individuals can be served with parking tickets, traffic obstructions, and various other issues. On a larger, more serious scale, individuals can be processed for burglary, manslaughter, rape, murder and various other issues.

In order to protect the citizens of Utah County, the Utah County Sheriff has implemented a number of electronically based programs in order to keep the public informed about criminal actions and offenders within the county. There is information regarding sexual offenders, information regarding obtaining documentation of traffic reports, and information about the booking and jailing process.

Regarding civil duties, the Utah County Sheriff is the individual who helps to authorize subpoenas and other legal notices that are necessary in order for due process to occur. Often the UCSO works in close conjunction with the court in order to help with civil cases, as well as the standard criminal trials.

Aside from the law enforcement and criminal justice movements that are done through the UCSO, there are also programs that are done in order to educate children regarding criminal activity and what to do if criminal activity is witness. This is another service provided to the community in order to keep children and adults safe.

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