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Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office

Multnomah County Sheriff

The Multnomah county sheriff has an important role in keeping the citizens of Multnomah county (Portland, Oregon) safe. The Multnomah county sheriff is the chief law official who presides over the workings of the Multnomah county jail. His main job is to facilitate all operations and give instructions regarding steps that need to be taken in law enforcement matters.

The Multnomah county sheriff’s office (MSCO) is responsible for all law enforcement issues; it deals with minor traffic problems, waterway education and safety, criminal acts, and even crime scene investigations. Because if is a full-serve Sheriff’s department, the sheriff has to be able to delegate responsibilities and keep informed about all areas of work regarding the Sheriff’s department.

Furthermore, the Multnomah county sheriff also works closely with the county jail; this is to ensure that both the county jail and the sheriff’s department have the same information regarding cases, and are on the same page when it comes to legal actions. Furthermore, because of their close relationship, the Multnomah county sheriff is the individual who serves the legal documentation regarding civil issues like evictions, subpoenas, and various other matters.

A primary responsibility carried-out by the Multnomah county sheriff, and subsequently, the MSCO, is to facilitate the transfer of information to the public. This has been a ubiquitous movement throughout the nation, regarding law enforcement. All information regarding bookings, sex offenders, domestic violence, and inmates statuses have been made available to the public.

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