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Oklahoma County Sheriff's Department

Oklahoma County Sheriff

The Oklahoma County Sheriff is an important position in regarding law enforcement in Oklahoma County. This position is one of authority in law enforcement; it requires organizational skills, impartial decision making, creative processes regarding the implementation of new programs, and overall command of the law and criminal justice.

One of the programs that has been accredited to the Oklahoma County sheriff is the VINE program. The VINE program stands for Victim Information and Notification Everyday. This was created by the Sheriff’s department in order to help keep victims informed about the status of their attackers or offenders. This is important in order to keep the victim at ease and to ensure that they know what is going on regarding the case. Notification is done through phone calls and emails to the victim.

Essentially the Oklahoma County Sheriff is the head of law enforcement; this is the individual who has to make judgment calls regarding security duties for various events, traffic patrols, and even who to send out regarding investigative endeavors. The Oklahoma County Sheriff uses their wide-breadth of knowledge in order to assist the agents and officers in the work, and to help guide them overall.

Furthermore, the office also works closely with the court system, to ensure that individuals who have filed civil papers or who have been engaged in criminal activity are processed with all of the proper information that is necessary regarding their cases. And in the last piece of Oklahoma County Sheriff work, this individual can also write up letters or speak to the public regarding issues of the community.

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