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Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office

Hamilton County Sheriff

The current Hamilton County Sheriff is Simon Leis, Jr. Before his time as sheriff, Leis, Jr. served as a prosecutor and a judge in his earlier career. The Hamilton county sheriff serves for four years per term; Sheriff Leis has held this position since 1988, having been re-elected five consecutive times since his first term ended.

The Hamilton County Sheriff’s office or HSCO is a very important law enforcement and informational body for the city of Cincinnati, Ohio. Through the Hamilton County Sheriff office individuals can get information regarding the arrests and releases of individuals in the community. Furthermore, through the early release option, those who are curious can see what crimes individuals have been booked for.

There is also information available on the HSCO regarding registered sex offenders; this information is up for public access in order to keep the public informed of who is living in the community, and to keep children safe through knowledge.

Besides the aforementioned pieces of information, that Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office also provides basic law enforcement services like traffic operations, security detail, and various other pieces in order to keep the county safe.

Along with law enforcement, the Sheriff department also works in close quarters with the county court system; they help to serve warrants, subpoenas, and various other types of legal documentation to citizens. Overall, the Hamilton County Sheriff department is an strong center regarding law enforcement and civil court initiatives.

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