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Mecklenburg County Sherrif’s Office

Mecklenburg County

Mecklenburg County Sheriff Chipp Bailey is tasked with the charge of being the supervising body of the Mecklenburg County Sheriff’s Office; this requires Mr. Bailey to take on the supportive role of a higher law enforcement official, facilitating the direction of protocol in which the officers and investigators take.

However, this also means that Mr. Bailey is required to serve legal documents and help create policies for implementation into the law enforcement and criminal justice fields, in order to produce maximize efficiency and results.

On the website of the Mecklenburg County Sheriff there are a number of links that provide the public with important information regarding MCSO procedures and current cases that are being worked on. There is information regarding the individuals who are wanted fugitives, individuals who have already been booked and are awaiting sentencing, and those who are currently serving sentences in jail.

There is also information regarding programs and victims groups for individuals who need assistance after criminal attacks. Some of these programs are also directed at families or specific members of the communities, like teens. The reason they have been created were to help provide informational resources and supportive groups during tough and tumultuous times in the life of an individual or a family.

Along with information on criminals and on programs for the public, there website of the Mecklenburg County Sheriff also has information on every other service that has been implemented or is currently being run by the county.

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