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Orange County Sheriff's Office

Orange County Sheriff

The Orange County sheriff has a strong community to uphold; this is a location that boasts good school systems, beautiful scenery, and low-crime rates. Because of these positive aspects, it is one of the most attractive living areas in the state of New York. The Orange County sheriff and the Orange County sheriff’s department are dedicated to ensuring the safety of the community against through strong law enforcement and criminal justice endeavors.

When it comes to keeping the OCSD accessible to the public the Orange County sheriff has given incredible instruction on creating a comprehensive website that hosts all of the information that is public knowledge and important for the overall prevention of further criminal activity.

The website consists of information regarding the daily bookings of individuals within the county, the most wanted offenders who have eluded the sheriff’s department, sexual offenders who are registered within the county. Furthermore, there is also information regarding how to get in touch with the OCSD regarding terroristic or criminal activities that have been witness or there is knowledge of.

Under the Orange County sheriff there is a law enforcement division and a criminal justice division. The Orange county sheriff works as the head of the law enforcement division by making decisions regarding cases to pursue and security details to do. Under the civil and criminal justice side, this is where all the legal papers are processed through the OCSD and subpoenas, indictments and various other legalities are served to citizens, in order to attend or receive trial.

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