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Monroe County Sheriff's Office

Monroe County Sheriff

The Monroe County Sheriff’s department is an important law enforcement agency in the state of New York. In Monroe county civil and criminal matters are taken up by the Monroe County Sheriff’s department. These matters can be the most basic like traffic patrol, to serious criminal actions like murders.

The Monroe County Sheriff is the official who oversees the operations of the agency and makes various judgment calls regarding what actions should be taken by New York law officials, and where the law enforcement officers are required for special details.

The Monroe County Sheriff has four main bureaus in which he must look over these four bureaus are what make up the Monroe County Sheriff’s office. The four bureaus are: Civil, Court, Jail, and Police bureaus.

When it comes to the Civil bureau, the primary obligation of the Monroe county sheriff is to help the legal system serve documentations to the public. Often these are documents regarding subpoenas for court, in order for an individual to go to a hearing, or eviction notices, as a termination of a landlord-tenant contract.

The court bureau mainly works towards the safety aspect of weapon screening; this is an overall movement to help keep individuals safe.

The Monroe county sheriff also spends time with the jail bureau; this is the group that works to refine jailing programs and jailing regulations in order to benefit inmates and citizens.

And the Police bureau is the main bureau the Monroe County sheriff works with; this is the group that does the patrolling of the streets, investigations, murder cases, and various other services required. Overall, the sheriff works towards the betterment of law enforcement and criminal justice for the protection of the people.

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