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Georgia Sheriff’s Department


The Georgia Sheriff’s departments are law enforcement agencies which with various aspects of life like traffic issues, civil matters, crime solving, and various other issues.

Gwinnett County Sheriff

The Gwinnett County Sheriff is an individual who a values protection of citizens and animals alike. There have been initiatives made to help find suitable homes for animals, and to keep animals of the streets. As a general practice, the Sheriff also likes to advocate for organizations and volunteering. His main duties are to oversee the business of law enforcement and to write up legal documentation

Fulton County Sheriff

The Fulton County Sheriff is an individual that keeps up on documentation and the availability of information regarding law enforcement. This is an individual who processes and serves subpoenas and other legal notices in order for the court to process their cases. Regarding the availability of documentation the sheriff and his office work to keep all book keeping, sex offenders, most wanted and other criminal offenders information up to date to keep the general public informed.

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