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Fulton County Sheriff’s Office

Fulton County Sheriff

Fulton county, Georgia is the professional home of the Fulton County Sheriff’s department. In this facility the Fulton County Sheriff is the highest ranking law enforcement official; capable of making executive decisions against appropriate law enforcement procedures, civil issues, legal documents, and various other processes that fall under his jurisdiction.

The current Fulton county sheriff is Theodore Jackson; Mr. Jackson works closely with the deputies and other law enforcement officials in the Fulton County sheriff’s office in order to ensure public safety. One of the main aspects of working as the Fulton County Jail is writing up and serving legal notices to citizens. These notices can be subpoenas to court, eviction documents, and various other legal documents.

Under the supervision of the Fulton county sheriff, the deputies work to keep up-to-date on sex offender registry, the most wanted list, criminal actions and all other aspects of law enforcement. Two of the most important information pieces that are relayed to the community are the sex offender list and the most wanted lists.

These lists help to put names and faces with potentially dangerous criminals. This is a way in which the sheriff’s department keeps the public in the know about criminals and dangers. For the sex offender registry, this is so the community knows who in the county is a sex offender, and can better protect their children. The most wanted list is imperative in order to find potentially dangerous criminals. Overall, the mission of the Sheriff’s office is to provide protection for the county.

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