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Volusia County Sheriff’s Office

Volusia County Sheriff

The Volusia County Sheriff and the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office (VCSO) are dedicated to providing assistance, education, and protection to Volusia County, Florida. The VCSO has jurisdiction over the county jail, criminal booking and processing, and the trial processes out county court.

This is to ensure that all areas of the law, both law enforcement and criminal justice have strong communication avenues and that they work together to promote safety for the greater whole of the county, as well as provide alleged criminals and inmate with protection of their rights.

Through the VCSO there are a number of different programs geared towards getting the community to work together; some of these are volunteer-based programs, while others are programs that have been created by the Volusia county sheriff to bring help and information to those who need it.

Aside from bringing criminals to justice, one of the main functions of the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office (VCSO) is to serve legal papers to individuals in the community. There is information provided by the Volusia county sheriff regarding evictions, traffic tickets, domestic violence injunctions and various other legally processed civil actions.

The paperwork is processed through the office of the Volusia county sheriff; however, when the paperwork is served, it is processed through the court system and reported back to the VCSO.

Through the website of the Volusia county sheriff, there is a number of email or electronic services that can be utilized to keep the public in the know. There are email alerts that can be set out and research tools to find specific individuals or warrants.

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