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Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office

Sarasota County Sheriff

The Sarasota County Sheriff of Sarasota County, Florida has been instrumental in helping to create informational resources more accessible to the Sarasota public. This initiative was done through the renovation of the Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office (SCSO) website. The website is now browser friendly and houses information cleaned up into six main categories.

Through the Sarasota County Sheriff website, visitors can learn the background history of the Sheriff, the experience of the deputies, and the other member of the SCSO. The Sarasota Sheriff is the head law enforcement and organizational figure in the sheriff’s department; he is the individual that sends down the commands regarding what deputies are allowed to do, and when and where they should be heading during the day or night shift.

The Sarasota Sheriff is also instrumental in crafting and implementing educational programs regarding safety, crime prevention, teen issues, and various other areas of importance regarding the public as a whole. This is a way for the SCSO to reach out to the public and extend the knowledge they have to better prepare individuals for difficult situations.

Through the implementation of the new website structure, the Sarasota county sheriff was able to create informational pages regarding law enforcement endeavors going on in Sarasota County. This has to do with the booking of criminals, the existence of gangs, and the locations of registered sex offenders throughout the County. All of this information is made public so individuals can stay informed about any current threats to the community.

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