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Marion County Sheriff’s Office

Marion County Sheriff

The Marion County Sheriff is the highest ranking official in the Marion County Sheriff’s Office. The job description for the Marion County Sheriff is an extensive one; this individual is the head of the Sheriff’s department; he provides support for the deputies and other law enforcement officials, creates policies and programs in order to better ensure the safety of workers and the public, works with the court system to serve legal documents, and is the voice of the MCSO.

Under the supervision of the Marion County Sheriff there are a number of law professionals who work to apprehend criminals, record criminal information, process legal paperwork, provide work details, and educate the public on good safety practices and crime prevention techniques.

With collaborative measures between the Marion County Sheriff, the department, and websites constructors, an MCSO website was created to house pertinent information regarding public matters and programs. All associated information is accessible to the public to keep everyone informed of what specifically the Marion County Sheriff and his staff have been working on.

Besides housing information regarding the endeavors of the MCSO and informational pieces for the public, there are other such resources like photo galleries which have helped to document the community and the Sheriff’s Department while at work or enjoying festivities. This helps to bring together the MCSO and the Community as two bodies who are working together for the same purpose: safety and community for all.

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