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Manatee County Sheriff’s Office

Manatee County Sheriff

The Manatee county sheriff oversees the entirety of the law enforcement teams that are found in Manatee county. The four smaller departments that are found in the Manatee County Sheriff department are: administration, enforcement, investigative, and corrections.

The four various criminal justice and law enforcement bodies are utilized to promote public safety. In terms of criminal actions, law enforcement officials are sent out to do patrol details, traffic watches, and apprehend criminals for booking.

The investigative team under the Manatee county sheriff is the team that looks into unsolved crimes.

The corrections department is the department that implements justice once an individual has been convicted of a crime--The corrections department is responsible for administering and overseeing sentencing.

Through the Manatee county sheriff and the rest of the department, there is a great support team in regards to helping the general public become educated on the dealings of Manatee county, the crimes that are committed there, and how individuals can help to prevent crimes from happening.

Informational tools and resources have been implemented in order to keep updated records of processing that has occurred, and the status of criminals and warrants. There is also information regarding non-criminal justice services that are provide through the Manatee County Sheriff Department.

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