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Lake County Sheriff’s Office

Lake County Sheriff

The lake county sheriff office is responsible for promoting and upholding the region's laws to better protect the community. This is done through the support of the community, the prevention of criminal acts, and the processing of judicial issues.

Under the Lake County Sheriff there are a number of trained professionals in various fields; some of these individuals work as communication specialists; they deal with the physical transaction of information regarding emergency calls and information sent to the Lake County Sheriff’s office. Then there are the law enforcement agents; these are the deputies who patrol the county in order to ensure safety, do traffic duties, and detain alleged criminals for processing.

Through professional endeavors approved by the Lake County Sheriff, there are a number of different informational resources that have been made available to the public. The theory behind this is that the public must be made aware of all of the criminal acts that are committed, and the action that is being taken by the Sheriff’s department. This is a way for individuals to trust in the transparency of the department, and understand the safety measures being implemented.

There is also information linked on the Lake County Sheriff’s website regarding different programs that can be used, and services that are provided through the Sheriff’s department. These programs help to build a stronger, more educated constituency of supports, and all around a safer public.

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