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Indian River County Sheriff’s Office

Indian River County Sheriff

The Indian River County Sheriff is the highest ranking law official in the Indian River Sheriff’s Department. This individual coordinates the operational and policy-based aspects of the Indian River County Sheriff’s Office (IRCSO). Within the IRCSO there are different divisions that handle various sections of law enforcement and criminal justice.

There are basic divisions like uniformed law enforcement officials; these are the individuals who handle crimes around the community. They are also the officials to do patrol details and various traffic duties when called for. While off-duty, the help of these officers can be enlisted for a fee regarding doing security details for construction sites, funerals, and various other areas where police are necessary.

There are also more specialized units that work under the Indian River County Sheriff like the Crime Scene Investigation teams. These are the professionals that are tasked with the reconstruction of a crime scene, and the elements that are used to solve how individuals were murdered and who their murder was.

Besides being the official presiding over these various teams, the Indian River County Sheriff also helps to create policies and new programs to help out with the needs of the communities. Through consultation with various bureaus and investigation into the needs of the community, programs were implemented to bring informational resources to the public.

This is helpful in regards to keeping the public alert regarding criminal suspects, and individuals who are considered to be criminals. Overall, the Indian River County Sheriff uses all elements necessary to implement safety procedures and details to keep the county safe.

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