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Hernando County Sheriff’s Office

Hernando County Sheriff

Hernando county is located on the west coast of Florida; the current Hernando county sheriff is Richard Nugent. Nugent moved to Florida in 1984 and started working in the Hernando County Sheriff’s Office (HCSO). Throughout his career at the HCSO, Nugent has moved around the department, working as many different positions. In 2001, however, Nugent was elected to the position of Hernando County Sheriff. He has continued his tradition as Sheriff for almost 10 years.

Under the vigilant eye of the Hernando County Sheriff the HCSO operates many different types of programs and updates various informational resources to maintain transparency between the HCSO and the community. Through the HSCO, the law enforcement forces are assigned to patrol the streets, ensure the safety of the public, and bring criminals to justice. This is done through a staff of trained professionals who have all sworn to uphold the integrity of the HCSO.

Through informational resources such as the public records search, wanted subjects, and the eLert email system, individuals can help keep up-to-date with the goings on of the community, and the movement of individuals or cases through the Hernando County Sheriff’s department. The wanted subject’s link brings up pictures and information about criminals who are still at large; this is to help the community stay vigilant.

The public records search helps individuals find specific bookings done through the HCSO exclusively. However, the eLert system is a revolutionary emailing system in which new releases, bulletins, and sexual offenders in the area.Overall, Sheriff Nugent and his crew help to protect individuals through informed programs and law enforcement implementation.

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