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Collier County Sheriff’s Office

Collier County Sheriff

Sheriff Kevin Rambosk is the current Collier County Sheriff of Naples, Florida. The Collier County Sheriff’s department has been sworn to preserve the safety of the public in Collier county and ensure the protection of all property and rights of individuals living within the area.

The Collier County Sheriff department oversees all law enforcement tasks that are necessary for the protection and smooth movement of a community. The department is responsible for traffic movement, and assistance regarding construction, maintenance, and various other issues that cause obstruction of traffic. They are also the individuals who give out tickets regarding criminal acts, and detain those who have committed serious crimes.

The Collier County Sheriff department works in conjunction with the courts and jailing system, in order to quickly process criminals and deliver due process. Through the law enforcement division, the Collier County Sheriff ensures that all employees are professionals, and that they are dedicated to serving the greater good.

The Collier County Sheriff department also posts informational pieces regarding current warrants, bookings, wanted criminals, sex offenders, and various other pieces of information that are important to the general public.

This is a way for the community to see who is in their community and what crimes have been committed. Furthermore, there are also informational resources regarding who to contact to report instances anonymously and what to do to prevent criminal actions from occurring.

Overall, Collier County Sheriff Rambosk and his staff are dedicated to keeping the public informed and helping to secure the safety of the county.

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