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Citrus County Sheriff’s Office

Citrus County Sheriff

The Citrus County Sheriff of Florida is an individual that is dedicated to the preservation of the public, and the protection of the individuals who live within the public. Through many initiatives that have been set forth by the Citrus County Sheriff, there have many different types of public service programs that have been created in regards to the education of teens , adults, and children.

These service programs have helped to education individuals regarding drugs and criminal acts, driving and the seriousness of the task, and various other important elements.

When it comes to bringing criminals to justice, the Citrus County Sheriff has assembled a strong team of law enforcement and criminal justice professionals to help catch criminals, process them, and educate the public about the responsibilities they have as a community to keep the county safe.

Furthermore, the Citrus county sheriff’s Office (CCSO)including both sheriff and staff have found that it is important to provide information about the criminals currently being processed in the county and those who are still out in the public. This is a way for the public to get involved and be proactive towards the safety of their community.

There is a phone number that can be used to provide tips or information regarding the whereabouts of criminals in the county, or outside of the county; this phone number keeps the identity of the tipper anonymous and can be instrumental in the apprehension and processing of wanted criminals. Overall, the CCSO is devoted to bringing peace and security to the public.

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