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Broward County Sheriff’s Office

Broward County Sheriff

The current Sheriff of the Broward County Sheriff’s Office is Sheriff Al Lamberti. In 2008, Lamberti was chosen by the public to be the official Broward County Sheriff; this came after he was appointed by the governor in 2007. Lamberti has been serving in the world of law enforcement and criminal justice for over 30 years.

The Broward Sheriff Office serves a number of different towns under the county; because of this, it is important that the Broward county sheriff’s office provides a number of different resources, and up to date information regarding criminal actions in the various towns. This is a way in which each down can be kept informed of criminal activity, and remain vigilant if the suspect could not be apprehended at the time of the crime.

Furthermore, in Broward County , there is great emphasis on education regarding criminal activities and prevention. There are also programs regarding safety and ways in which individuals can keep them safe while they are enjoying daily activities. Information regarding: child safety, bicycle safety, hurricane safety, killer bee safety, and various other pieces that are important when it comes to living in Broward County, Florida.

Another valuable resource is the implementation of various victim based programs; these programs are used to help individuals cope with serious issues they have dealt with. Furthermore, this is a way in which the Broward Sheriff Office provides an outreach and a supportive grouping for any and all in the community. Overall, the sheriff and the staff are dedicated to providing information, education, support, and protection for individuals in the community.

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