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LA County Sheriff's Office

La County Sheriff

Los Angeles is a highly populated and busy area in the state of California; this type of area requires top-notch law enforcement; the LA County Sheriff and the LASD are the law enforcement experts who are assigned to protect and ensure the safety of the citizens. Over the last year the LA Sheriff has been able to announce that the crime rate has dropped and it is steadily declining. This is important in helping individuals feel safe and assuring them that law enforcement is working for their benefit.

When it comes to the initiatives of the LA County sheriff, this individual feels it is most important to have strong law enforcement leaders, and has helped to establish an institute that educates and creates these strong leaders in order to best serve the LASD and subsequently the community.

The LA Sheriff has also taken a special interest in making sure that he goes to each of the police stations or sheriff stations in his jurisdiction, in order to ensure that all facilities are operating properly and that there is a strong connection between the position of the LA Sheriff and all of the employees that are under him.

This work with the law enforcement officials helps to keep them organized and informed regarding the expectations and the procedures of the LASD. The LASD works to serve the community in civil matters, like legal documentation and court issues, as well as through the detainment and processing of criminals. And another important aspect is the public’s accessibility of LASD related information, which is provide through the LA County Sheriff’s websites.

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