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Kern County Sheriff's Office

Kern County Sheriff

The Kern County Sheriff of Kern County, California has many different job responsibilities that go with the title. The primary job is to be the head of law enforcement for the Kern County Sheriff’s Office. What this means is that the Kern County Sheriff orchestrates all of the necessary elements regarding law enforcement and services provided by the KCSO.

For example, the Kern County Sheriff helps to organize and assign individuals to the travel and transportation duties required for criminals to go to the court and off to jail. Furthermore, the Kern County Sheriff is also responsible for maintain a relationship with the jail, and informing them of any important changes in the legal system that could affect them. Often the sheriff will also visit the jail, to inspect the conditions.

With the current Kern County Sheriff, he also doubles as the coroner for the county. This is important because he is the one that marks the time of deal regarding those who have passed away, and documents the essential information for the deceased and their cases.

And, of course, the Kern County Sheriff and the KCSO also help to serve legal documents to citizens. These documents can be legal notices regarding housing or they can been subpoenas to court, in order for a hearing.

Overall, what the Kern County Sheriff does is ensures that all aspects of law enforcement, civil rights, and criminal justices are being attended to and that they are being done so in accordance to the law.

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