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California Sheriff’s Department


California Sheriff’s Departments are important law enforcement agencies that can handle anything from traffic issues, to thefts, and even homicides as well as providing security detail and being a visible element in the county.

LA County Sheriff

The Los Angeles (LA) County Sheriff is the head of the LASD. The goal of the sheriff’s department is to develop strong law enforcement leaders to provide better service and protection for the citizens of the county.

Kern County Sheriff

The Kern County Sheriff works to maintain relationships between the jail and the court system. Ensuring that all citizens, criminal or not, receive their time in court that they require. Furthermore, the Kern County Sheriff also doubles as the coroner who examines the deceased.

Sacramento County Sheriff

The Sacramento county sheriff is the highest ranking law enforcement agent in the SCSD. This individual makes all administrative decisions regarding what units are tasked out for the day, if there are any crimes needing special units, and is the individual who draws up the legal notices for criminals.

Riverside County Sheriff

The Riverside County Sheriff is charged with a number of different jobs regarding the law enforcement. The sheriff works closely with the RCSD in order to make the law enforcement agency as efficient as possible, and is a source of informational reference regarding questions and actions that can be done under the law.

Shasta County Sheriff

The Shasta County Sheriff is an elected official who is required to uphold the laws imposed by the federal government. This individual advises on the type of action that can be taken regarding cases, and what crime units are the best equipped to tackle these issues.

Fresno County Sheriff

The Fresno County Sheriff is the head of the FCSO; under this office there are various bureaus tailored towards special investigations and tasks necessary to solving complex crimes. The Sheriff is an advisor to these bureaus, as well as a conduit between the court and the Sheriff’s office.

Alameda county sheriff

The Alameda County Sheriff is a very important official in the ACSO. The current sheriff handles all of the necessary administrative tasks that are required under the position, as well as is the current coroner for Alameda county, meaning he can inform and help push forward various cases of murders and accidents.

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