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How To Become a Police Officer

Police Officers

To become a police officer a candidate must fulfill various requirements regulated by their particular state or jurisdiction. The first requirement needed to become a police officer is to obtain a high school diploma and pass various courses in math/accounting and behavioral sciences. Be sure to maintain your fitness as well, for the job requires a lot of physical activity. All applications are found at your local police department, and upon filling one out, there will be a stringent background check attached to the procedure.

All police officers must pass a written civil service exam; you can obtain information about the exam at your local police department. In addition to the written exam, becoming a police officer will also the fulfillment of a physical exam, which typically includes a test for vision, strength, hearing, and agility.

After these tests have been passed, police officers must take a lie detector test which will ask questions regarding drug use and various psychological questions. Once these tests have been satisfied the applicant must pass a drug test and then interview with a senior officer at the department to assess your personal characteristics such as responsibility, judgment, and integrity.

Upon completion of these tests, prospective police officers must enroll in police academy where the intricacies of the job will be explained and administered. Firearms’ training is included in the academy and all police officers must graduate in order to become a police officer.

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