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What You Should Know About Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement

In order for state and federal laws to be effective, they must be enforced by an authorized party or entity. In the United States, laws are enforced by local, state, or federal law enforcement agencies. On the local and state level, individuals endure extensive training to become police officers. Police officers are responsible for protecting the public by enforcing local and state legislation.

Within each police department, the statuses of the officers vary. A department will employ beginner police officers and experienced detectives, all of whom function to enforce laws and regulations. On the federal level, the United States has created a number of different departments responsible for law enforcement.

These departments include the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Custom and Border Protection, and the U.S. Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services. On the federal level, each of these departments functions to regulate various legal domains. For instance, Custom and Border Protection operates to enforce immigration laws.

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