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Amnesty For Illegal Immigrants

Amnesty For Illegal Immigrants

In the United States world of politics, one of the most current and debated issues in regards to amnesty for illegal immigrants. Essentially, amnesty for illegal immigrants would forgive any laws broken in regards to illegal immigration on the contingency that illegal immigrants come forward to make themselves known and embark on the path becoming United States or obtaining the necessary documentation to obtain legal status in the country.

Amnesty for illegal immigrants was previously in the United States in the mid-1980s under President Ronald Reagan's tenure. The original implementation of amnesty for illegal immigrants granted amnesty to about 4 million illegal immigrants, which is known as blanket amnesty. However, those that were ever convicted of crimes while in the United States during that time were not granted amnesty privileges.

Under President Obama's administration, amnesty for illegal immigrants would also take the blanket amnesty form, pardoning illegal immigrants for the act of illegal immigration. This would apply to what is estimated to be about 12 million illegal immigrants in the United States, for the exception of illegal immigrant criminals. The reasoning for its implementation is that it would help secure the borders and improve the overall immigration system.

Furthermore, the option that has been presented of simply deporting all illegal immigrants could incur a significant adverse impact to the economy, since there are so many illegal immigrants currently in the work force. Amnesty for illegal immigrants is a way to combat the illegal immigration problem, though its actual implementation still remains a debated political and social issue.

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