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How to Become a Police Officer?

How To Become A Police Officer

Many people know, from the time that they are very young, that they want to become police officers. Others do not decide upon this career until they come across police recruitment opportunities, which cause them to consider the advantages of a career in law enforcement. There are a number of different steps involved in the process of becoming a police officer. The following is some important information regarding how to become a police officer:

When an individual decides that he/she wants to become a police officer, he/she must first understand how to become a police officer. This process requires time and dedication, however, when completed, an individual can be happy, knowing that he/she has attained the career that he/she desired. When considering how to become a police officer, there are a few fundamental processes that must be completed.

The most important is high school. In order to become a police officer, an individual must have a high school degree. If an individual does not complete high school, he/she must pass the General Educational Development exam. Following the completion of high school, people who are interested in pursuing police recruitment opportunities are encouraged to continue their education. Acquiring a college degree will provide applicants with a great advantage when they are trying to become a police officer. In most cases, a college criminal justice program is recommended, however, courses in behavioral science, business, and computer applications will also suffice.

When an individual is reviewing information regarding how to become a police officer, it is important that he/she understand the necessity of remaining physically fit. Many informative articles fail to mention the importance of physical fitness. When responding to police recruitment opportunities, physical fitness will be assessed, and it can be a very important factor in determining who is granted a position. People who are considering becoming police officers may wish to spend a few years in the military.

The armed forces will not only provide an individual with vital physical conditioning, but it will also mentally prepare him/her for law enforcement work. In the military, an individual will obtain invaluable training, making him/her a prime candidate for police recruitment. It is also important for people who wish to enter into this field to carefully consider all of his/her actions. A background check and a polygraph will be preformed on applicants, and any indiscretions or illegal activity will bar an individual from consideration.

When an individual has carefully reviewed information regarding how to become a police officer, and when he/she has seriously considered the responsibility associated with this position, than he/she can continue the process. Following the completion of college, the next step in police recruitment programs is the civil service exam.

Every applicant will be required to pass this exam. An individual can acquire information about the civil service exam at his/her local police station. Once an individual successfully completes the written exam, he/she will also be required to pass a physical exam. The physical exam will test an individual's hearing, vision, agility, and strength. If both tests are passed, a polygraph test and a drug test will be required.

Following the completion of all of these tests, an individual will be interviewed by a senior police officer, who will assess his/her personality and determine whether or not he/she possess the responsibility and integrity needed for a position as a police officer.

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