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Controlled Substances Quick Overview

Controlled Substances

Controlled substances background

Controlled substances can include illicit drugs, as well as prescription medications which are regulated by the government. Prescriptions must include a legally valid prescription, be used for their intended purposes and be used by the person to which they are prescribed, in order for thee drug to be legal. Any variation of those rules can include a legal penalty for use or possession of a prescription medication. Illicit drugs are considered a controlled dangerous substance and are governed by laws which provide punishment for manufacturing, distribution, possession and use of those drugs.

Controlled substances Act

The controlled substances Act was enacted in 1970, in order to regulate controlled dangerous substances. In the Act, drugs were classified according to five classes. The drugs were included in a class based on their dangers to the public and other factors and the class of drug could play a factor in criminnal penalties that include crimes relating to that class of drug.

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